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11 DIY Ways To Increase The Humidity In Your Home Without Purchasing A Humidifier

If you have forced air heat, then you are probably already familiar with the dry nature of your indoor air in the winter time. The effects of heated indoor air is actually what I hate most about winter. My body rejects low humidity. I can actually see my skin desiccating and shriveling before my very eyes. My skin cracks, splits, flakes off, and even worse, I have a terrible time breathing through the night as my sinus cavity completely dries out. If you suffer in a simlar fashion then you know you need to either buy a humidifier, which are often clunky, plastic and a general pain in the ass, upgrade your heating system to include a humidifiying option, or DIY it. We had a humidifier pre-RV journey. I did invest in a small essential oil water vaporizer that I keep in my daughter’s room overnight. But since I already have a LARGE air purifier in our bedroom, I am not adding another hunk of junk to my small path of bedroom walkway.

Enter creative solutions. Drying your laundry indoors is a great option if you want to both save on energy costs and increase the humidity in your home. Since I cloth diaper my little one this one is easy for me. My daughter also makes another option quite viable: Allow bath water to cool to room temperature before draining the tub allowing the moisture to escape into the air. Better yet, shower with the door open and leave it open after you’re finished. Here are 9 more ways to increase the moisture in your dry, winter air courtesy Simple Most:

11 DIY Ways To Increase The Humidity In Your Home (Without Purchasing A Humidifier)

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