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Here are 11 times camping went strangely wrong

Credit: montrealgazette.com

Living in an RV isn’t exactly camping (call it Glamping, if you will) but we have spent a lot of time on campgrounds with primitive camping sites, including our last one. There was a hiking trail just off the car path. A sign read, “Trail” with and arrow pointing towards. And just below it, “Bear in vicinity!”

I proceeded cautiously in daylight with my dog on a short walk, eyes darting for movement and ready to run if I had to. But, alas, no bear. But then I started thinking about the tent campers. Were they worried? Or did they just take the right precautions?

Here are a few stories of camping gone wrong, including the expected bear attacks, but also, coyote alligator, lightening and wind menaces.

Here are 11 times camping went strangely wrong. Stay home this Labour Day weekend

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