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12 Natural Remedies for A Weak Bladder



After I had my daughter, I recovered quickly from an all-natural, no-intervention birth with midwives. The only thing that still lingers is this total lack of bladder control. Last night I had a coughing fit. Thank goodness we were “at home”, is all I will say about that. If you are one of the unlucky that has been afflicted with this embarrassing and truly annoying dysfunction, there are things you can do, even if you’ve been to physical therapy. I know I have so far only tried one of these things, so I will be getting on it asap! Have you ever heard of a pessary? No? Me either. And while it may seem an invasive contraption, it might just do what’s needed to strengthen those bladder muscles. Read more here on how to reduce your symptoms of incontinence:

12 Natural Remedies for Incontinence – Health.com

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