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15 Quick & Healthy Grab-n-Go Breakfasts 


I’m just going to say it…About half of the breakfast ideas on this list seem a lot more like dessert to me! Now, granted, I’m an advocate for eating something in the morning. People who say they’re just not hungry for breakfast just trained their bodies not to be hungry for breakfast by drinking coffee first. It’s an appetite suppressant, folks.

However, I don’t understand why so much sugar has to be loaded into a meal to start the day. I understand wanting the occasional sweet-treat for breakfast, because I love chocolate chip pancakes as much as the next gal. But, if you do this everyday, you’re setting your day up for failure on every level: energy crash, calorie loading on your next meal, and a daily intake of sugar far higher than what is recommended.

So please, if you make any of these, start with the savory ones like the amazing-looking quinoa frittatas pictured above. And save the sugary ones (Breakfast brownie?? REALLY?) for midday.


15 Quick & Healthy Grab-n-Go Breakfasts | running with spoons

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