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15 Ways To Boost Positive Energy In Your Home

I’m going to be brutally honest with you right now. Life has been tough for us lately. Not tough, in the “terminal cancer totally bankrupt we have absolutely nothing good” kind of way, but we’ve had our own personal struggles that have left us depleted, negative, moody, angry, fearful, and downright unpleasant as a married couple. Lots of uncertainty, too much free time, layered with money and health issues (PLUS pregnancy and the expectation of another life under our roof), well, just has us operating at a spiritual sub-par. We’re aware of it though. And really trying to turn the tides.

This article came when I needed to read it. And being the kind of earthy, crunchy gal that I am, there’s nothing new in here for me to learn but I NEEDED the reminder. I immediately got up and got my sage-smudging stick and got to work. First, I cleared the energy around my body, then my husband, then my daughter, and then my home, room-by-room, whispering the mantra, “Clear our auras, restore our energy, clear the negativity”. We all felt strangely at peace following this ritual. I also lit some candles and am lining up my essential oils for my diffuser at bedtime.

Here some other ways to clear the negative energy and invite the positive into your life:

 15 Ways To Boost Positive Energy In Your Home

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