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19 Hacks Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know

So the secret’s out: I’ve got a bun in the oven. Our second blessing will arrive the end of March 2017! Now that I’ve got furniture in my new house, I can concentrate a little more on having another child and taking care of myself. I am exactly 6 months later in the year with this pregnancy than my last, which means, I won’t have to deal with the heat of summer when I’m gigantic. But there will be other challenges, and some have already begun. At 14 weeks, I’m already showing and have been for the last month. My abdominal muscles are shot, so I will be taking some tips from the following Buzzfeed article and using my Rock Tape to help keep things from falling apart in my middle.

Some other neat tricks are new to me, too, so hopefully, if you’re expecting, they’ll be helpful for you as well!

Source: 19 Hacks Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know

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