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Apr 26

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Tiny House From 1946

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They say whats old is new again. Certainly everyone used to live small. Pioneers, Native Americans, early 20th century (and of course earlier) immigrants, all lived in tiny cramped spaces out of necessity. In the post WW2 era American dwellings (and its’ inhabitants for that matter) became huge. Well, several generations later, and with decreasing earning potential for most of us in the socio-economic middle, we are now drawn back to tiny living out of necessity. For both the planet’s and our wallet’s sake.

Have a look at this 1946 constructed hollowed out 2100 year old Redwood turned tiny house, and you’ll see how cyclical things really are. It really resembles the interior of an Airstream. I can’t say I am not disappointed they chopped down a tree older than Christianity for such whimsical purpose, but what’s done is done, and at least it wasn’t turned into paper or flooring or some other non-noticeable existence.

This is the One Log House and it resides in Garberville California as a roadside attraction. It took nine months to build, and enough wood was taken from the \hollowed out pportion to build a 5 story house!

Here are some photos of it, in both construction phase and present, as well as the link to their website below.


One Log House Espresso & Gifts Redwood Tourist Attraction

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