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20 Impressive, Yet Useful DIY Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love!

The cake made by my friend Nancy, and my bouquet made by yours truly. Not bad, right?

The cake made by my friend Nancy, and my bouquet made by yours truly. Not bad, right?

When it comes to Weddings, I’m as DIY as they come. Short of making my own dress, (I’m not skilled in sewing so that wasn’t an option…but I did find a killer dress from David’s Bridal that

My friends Paulo and Holly who sang Con ti Partiro by Andrea Bocelli

was only $150!), I did everything or employed friends to fulfill duties usually reserved for professionals. The cake, designer, the minister, the vocalists, the photographer/ videographer …all friends who I thanked in wine and gift cards. Our friend Kevin, who was responsible for our coupling (if you will) agreed to get an on-line minister license and was our official officiant! I am lucky enough to have very talented friends, two of whom are outstanding operatic singers and sang our processional a Capella.


I was working on a budget, so not only did I enjoy the notion of putting my personal stamp on every detail, but I sort of had to!

I didn’t have bridesmaids, so nothing to do there. But my good friend Genevieve helped me construct and critique all the other working parts like my DIY plantable wedding invitations and my white hydrangea bouquet accented with dyed orchids and the altar decorations. We actually pulled grapevine from my back yard and wrapped it around the railings. I also bought farmer’s market gladiolas and used some of the peace lily favors to decorate in front!

I did that. Yep!

I made an iPod playlist, bought the liquor and planned the menu and hired caterers to make the cocktail-hour style food, I wrote the ceremony myself, did my own hair and makeup, we even drove ourselves to the site in our Prius (GASP!). And of course, I made the favors. Sort of. I went to Trader Joe’s and bought up all of their potted peace lilies and bromeliads. Since they weren’t quite enough, I went to Ikea and bought cheap vases and bamboo stalks, and filled them with fertilizer water to match our aqua/green color theme! It was really important to me that the favors reminded people of our awesome day, and also served the noble purposes of function and beauty.  Many folks told me their plants survived for years, which means I succeeded!

Can you tell I’m proud of myself? Here are some more great ideas for DIY wedding favors from MODwedding that your guests will surely appreciate.

20 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love and Use 











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