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27 Indoor Water Garden Ideas 

I feel silly not having heard of this kind of indoor garden, even though I’ve sort of done it already. I’ve got jade plants growing in water all over the place, but I never thought to do a more creative display than just sticking them in a vase. Some of these ideas are really beautiful and pull in a lore more interest than just a flower in a pot can.

according to the article the 3 classifications of water plants are:

1. True aquatics

Plants which can be completely submerged in water like parrots feather or Anubias. These plants need soil or gravel at the bottom so that roots of plants can be fixed inside.

2. Semi aquatics

Plants which can be only partially submerged in water like umbrella palm or sweet flag.Their roots will be submerged in water and foliage will be on the surface of water.

3. Floaters

Best example for this category are very common water hyacinth and water lettuce. They add its beauty be floating and drifting in water.

Read what else Small Garden Ideas has to say about how to create these aquaponic gardens:

27 Indoor Water Garden Ideas – Small Garden Ideas

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