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3 Herbs For Hair Growth

credit: naturehacks.com

Hair loss can be a problem facing men or women. However, being most common for men, it is one of the most annoying things for some at their 30s-40s. It’s like the sign that their countdown has already started.

I know how frustrating it is to see your hair disappearing little by little while there is nothing you can do about it. At least it is to me :(. If you are one of us you might have tried Rogain already, and maybe it worked maybe it didn’t.

Well, at least you don’t have to give up just yet. According to naturefacts.com here are some herbs that can stop or at least slow down the process and make your hair stay on your head a little bit longer.

The way these herbs work is by preventing testosterone from turning into DHT, which is thought to be the hormone responsible for male hair growth patterns. If you want to give those herbs feel free to clock on the link below.

3 Herbs For Hair Growth

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