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36 Cold Weather Hacks  


I am quite impressed by these tips. Almost all of them are really useful and I hadn’t heard of them before. Use pipe insulation for below-the-door draft blockers. (I always pay for these things!) And using a car floor mat with treads can come in handy in case you get stuck in the snow. My mom bought be some QVC crap-product that was intended to create tread for your car if you hit ice. I actually need to use these a few times! Once for myself and once for a car in distress stuck in a snowstorm. It’s a good thing I only needed them those two times because they are basically a pair of one-use treads that shatter once your car is free from the ice. Using a rubber floor mat makes WAY more sense!

Check out all of these great winter tips below:

 36 Cold Weather Hacks to | Homesteading Tips

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