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There are a few things that you can do when you work on DIY projects that could save you a lot of time and effort. Whether it is something that would prevent random stains from a painting job you are doing, or a trick to make your life easier when using the hammer. These are all things that would make your job easier, less messy, and more enjoyable.

Even if you are an experienced handy man this video is guaranteed to teach you a thing or two that’ll make your job easier. Something as simple as sticking a magnet onto your hammer or a paint brush can make a difference by not losing the nails, or letting a paintbrush mess anything up.


I’ll admit that some of these tricks are just not really helpful like using a drill with 3 zip locks to stir something up, this is something you would probably just go ahead and do manually than having to go through the hassle of setting it up before using it. But hey, what do I know, you guys be the judge, watch the video.


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