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42 Zero Waste Habits That Will Save You Money 


If you could do even half the things on this list you are living an extremely conscious and, likely, busy lifestyle. If someone (the author?) is doing ALL of these things, well that is one impressive effort. The most difficult tasks on this zero-waste list are the homesteading efforts like canning, bread-making, food-drying, salad-dressing/hot sauce/mayo making, etc that would literally take up every ounce of my free time. I’ll be happy if I can at least add bread making to my reduction of waste! So if you have time for all of that, then kudos! But we all can only do our best, but please, just try to do your best!

Here are the many ways in your everyday life that you can save our planet from its untimely demise and also save your bank account:

42 zero waste habits for living green that will save you money | Joybilee Farm

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