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5 Proven, Amazing Benefits of Stinging Nettle 

I just learned about stinging nettle last week as I have been researching natural ways to reduce lactation (I’m trying to encouraging the weaning process with my 20-month-old who loves her milk-ies!) Anyhow, stinging nettle came up as a possible milk suppressor, so I researched it further and found all of these other PROVEN and important benefits! It is a diuretic, which may have something to do with it’s ability to aid in prostate and bladder emptying problems (better than prescription drugs, even!). But probably of more relevance to most people is that it reduces the symptoms of hayfever. YES PLEASE! Read more from Dr. Axe below, and if you don’t believe HIM, you can read more from the University of Maryland’s Medical College, below that:

5 Proven, Remarkable Stinging Nettle Benefits – Dr. Axe


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