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5 Rare Diseases That Give Their Carriers Superpowers

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Credit: brightside.me

Finally! Some diseases that are cool! This post is dedicated to those of you who complain about our health-related posts for being “doom and gloom”. These diseases have a bright side for a change :).

Hyperthymesia in other words super memory. If I had that ability, God forbid, I will choose to be a lawyer
Savant Syndrome is to have abilities that are superior in certain areas like math and art but would be accompanied by neurodevelopment diseases like autism (The Rain Man).
– Congenital analgesia: if you have it you won’t feel pain. But be careful if you have an electric stove not to put your hand on it when it’s still hot.
 Insensitivity to cold: Just look at the videos of people swimming in icy lakes. Not cool!
– Urbach—Wiethe disease: Having no fear of anything.

If I would be asked to pick a disease I would pick the last one, although I would not enjoy horror movies anymore. Which one would you pick?

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5 Rare Diseases That Turn Their Carriers Into X-Men

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