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5 Most Toxic Dish Soap Brands, plus DIY Dish Soap Recipe


I’ve personally been off of most mainstream household cleaners for decades now. The only exceptions are Dawn (Which is NOT on the list of 5 most dangerous) and more recently, laundry detergent like Tide and Arm and Hammer, simply because I cloth diaper my daughter and those are the best kinds of detergents to really clean diapers well.  As for dishwasher detergents, I’ve used Method and Seventh Generation with a sprinkle of Borax for years now. But this blog post below has included a recipe to make your own, which I am excited to try! Make no mistake, the more you can do to decrease your toxic load and its impact on your health and the environment, the better!

Read about the carcinogenic ingredients and what brands, like Palmolive, to avoid.:

5 Worst Toxic Dish Soap Brands (And A DIY Non Toxic Dish Soap Recipe)

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