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6 Things to Do With Eggshells


Eggs are a staple item in almost any household. You eat them for breakfast, in cakes, in random recipes. Very rarely do you go through a day where eggs aren’t eaten. But if you save the eggshells, you can do many things with them. Here are my 6 favorite things to do with the leftover shells so they don’t go to waste!

1. Eggshells as Pest Control

I’ve actually posted this before, but it’s just so great I can’t pass it up again! Just take your eggshells, grind them up, and sprinkle them around and on your plants. Boom! Natural pest control.

Image Credit: http://getbusygardening.com

Eggshells as Pest Control

2. Painting with Eggs

This just looks like a blast and a half! Instead of cracking an egg the normal way, just crack the top off of it. Then rinse it out thoroughly, fill it with paint, glue some tissue paper over the top, and let the kids throw them at a canvas board! It’ll keep them entertained for at least a little bit.

Image Credit: http://www.growingajeweledrose.com

Painting with Eggs

3. Eggshell Garden

Starting your seeds isn’t always easy to do outside with the constant frost, melt, frost, melt that usually happens at the beginning of the season. Well problem solved with these babies! Just plant your seeds in an eggshell, and you have nothing to worry about until it comes to transplanting them.

Image Credit: https://monicajbennett.wordpress.com

Eggshell Garden

4. Brownie Eggs

Now this is a concept! Shake your egg to oblivion, then poke out the top of it. Make your brownie batter and then fill the eggs. Bake them and then crack them open! Such a neat idea!

Image Credit: http://www.curbly.com

Brownie Eggs

5. Science Eggsperiments

You see what I did there? Now that’s funny! If you have young kids, then you can use eggs to teach them about science! I these experiments, you actually need the whole egg so make sure you don’t just use the shell! There are three different science experiments here you can do with your child, and they should have a blast!

Image Credit: http://mommasfunworld.blogspot.com

Science Eggsperiments

6. Eggshell Candles

Another use for those eggshells is to turn them into a candle or at least use them as a mold for a candle. It would be an eggselent use for them rather than throwing them away immediately. No? Okay. I’m done with the puns.

Image Credit: http://rosegardenhomeschool.blogspot.com

Eggshell Candles

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