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7 Advantages of Keeping Guinea Fowl on Your Homestead

Credit: Motherearthnews.com


If you want a great addition to your homestead here is a bird you can raise in your homestead that has several benefits other than being a source of food. From pest and weed control to providing protection and alertness the Guinea fowl is probably a bird you would want to add to your livestock despite their loud noise. They are easy to multiply go along with other animals, they are also a good source of fertilizers. They have a significant appearance, the article describes as follows:

“Guinea fowl have an almost prehistoric appearance when they are compared to chickens and other types of fowl. Their plumage is spattered with black and white feathers on their bodies. They have red eyes that look rather fierce as well.”

Read more about raising Guinea fowl in the link below:

7 Advantages of Keeping Guinea Fowl on Your Homestead – 

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