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7 Things Every Homeowner Should Know The Location Of



I’m always surprised at how many people who own homes and don’t know even the basic operations of it or locations of it’s main components.

1. Electrical Panel(s): You need to know this for safety when doing any electric work like changing a socket for example. And there could be more than one box.

2. Water Shut-Offs: If you are doing some DIY plumbing or there is a leak in your house somewhere

3. Gas Meter and Shut-Offs: Safety

4. Attic Access:

5. Sewer Access

6. Hot Water Temperature Gauge: “Water that heats to over 120 degrees F can quickly scald you and your family members (especially children).”

7. Property Line

If you don’t feel confident in this department, please give this article a read. It’s never too late to learn.

7 Things Every Homeowner Should Know The Location 

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