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8 Proven Colloidal Silver Benefits and Uses 

Dr. Axe



If you are someone who avoids taking prescription like the plague like I am, then this is something you should most certainly have in your first aid arsenal. It does EVERYthing. It can clean wounds, it can be taken internally (unlike tea tree oil), and it can be diffused in the air and can help with allergies and controls germs. It is tasteless and odorless. It is also pretty damn expensive. However, a little goes a very long way. I have a bottle that put me out about $12 and I feel like used a ton already but it’s still 80% full. Buyer beware: This is not technically considered a holistic remedy. It’s an accessible antibiotic of the earth that has other applications, that’s all!

Read more about how incredibly useful and versatile colloidal silver is at Dr. Axe’s site:

8 Proven Colloidal Silver Benefits and Uses 

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