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How to Add a Shelf to A Spacious Kitchen Cabinet

cabinet shelves

Source: http://www.engineeryourspace.com


Do you ever open up a brand new (to you) kitchen cabinet and wonder why the designer installed one singular, immovable shelf in a vast storage space meant for cans or dishes? It’s enough to inspire one to become an interior architect with zero experience beyond frustration with what is churned out.

Or perhaps, your kitchen cabinets don’t have shelves at all. Like mine on our RV. I’m not kidding, this is what my cabinets look like:

One of two kitchen cabinets in my RV. No shelf!

One of two kitchen cabinets in my RV. No shelf!











I have been looking high and low for creative shelving units or baskets that I can fit into this space to make another bumped-up row of items accessible in the back.┬áThen I came across this super simple, and super obvious, DIY shelf project. It involves cutting up some wood, and using mounting tape to make a shelf. Now I feel kind of silly I didn’t think of it myself. Duh.

Anyway, I already have one project on deck for this weekend, so this will be next week’s fun.

Check out the step by step instructions at Engineer Your Space or check out this YouTube video on how to make a shelf like this one:

finished shelves


How to Add a Shelf to Kitchen Cabinet

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