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The Biggest Health Myths Debunked 

I preface the lead in to this article reminding our dear readers how often research has been firm, only to be re-researched and rebuked later. Cigarettes were once recommended for “good health” by doctors, and more recently, food cholesterol has been show to have no effect on blood cholesterol after decades of this being conventional nutrtitional wisdom. Read on for the most recently demystified health facts. I take issue with the first one…I have SEEN the drastic and instantaneous affect sugar has on my child, you WILL not convince me otherwise…and the last one: While I highly discourage buying bottled water because of the wastefulness and lack of quality control, I still will not drink tap water that isn’t unfiltered BECAUSE chemicals and minerals like fluoride are in it, and I personally believe fluoride is the BIGGEST scam that has yet to become common knowledge, and probably never will. But everything in the middle seems to have merit:

What are the biggest health myths – Business Insider

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