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Building a Fish Pond in Your Backyard

Credit: http://www.wichmanlandscape.com

Having a fish pond in my backyard is something I have always dreamt of. The relaxing water view with the fish swimming around would bring an amazing touch to any garden. After reading the article below[1], the pond idea seems to be an exciting and inexpensive project. The article is a step by step guide to how to build your own water garden with waterfall! Some may choose to start with a small project first to try out the idea by building a small pond and bringing fish into it, or you can go all the way to building a larger pond with a waterfall!  If you choose to do a smaller project the whole kit would cost around $185 here Algreen 1,200 Gallon Pond Kit with Lighting System. But if you have more time and money and would like to have a more durable pond with a waterfall here is this five-star rated kit 15 x 20 Compact Pond Kit 2100 GPH Pump 16 Inch Waterfall Serenity Skimmer XSH0 starting at $475.

The thought of the nice smell, and the cool breeze, with the sound of trickling water, makes me an advocate of the waterfall pond. After all, both projects would take about the same effort to complete. Read the article below for guidance on how to choose the location, build, and maintain your waterfall. Let us know which project you would do on Facebook 🙂

How to Build a Water Garden With Waterfall | The Family Handyman

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