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Cable Bill: Look Out For These Hidden Fees 


Years ago I quit Comcast when I looked closely at my bill and saw a $1.75 Franchise Fee being assessed every month. I was incredulous. Why on earth would I pay for your franchise fee? Even if it only amounted to $20 a year, I knew it was B.S., and frankly, did not feel I need cable enough to look past it. It pissed me off that thoroughly that I canceled and stayed away for years. (Turns out someone with more sense than me took legal action. That fee WAS indeed illegal to assess and they lost a class action lawsuit. I think I got about $10 back.)

Paying for cable today seems even more silly when smart TVs and internet TV are becoming entertainment kings. Still, you probably have to buy your wireless internet service through the same cable provider, so they make sure that the cost of internet-only is so high that you throw in the phone line and cable service as well. GGGrrrrrr!!!! To make matters worse, most cable services increase their rates by 3%-4% every year. And to keep their “packages” appearing more attractive and apparently good values, they tack on “fees” to extra services. Read the article below from Money for a breakdown of what each cable company is charging you and for what:

 Cable Bill: Look Out For These Hidden Fees | Money

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