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Can a Septic Tank Be Turned Into Biogas Generator?

Credit: Plumingsupply.com


I have always wondered why a septic tank isn’t by default a biogas generator. I did some research today and the answer didn’t turn out to be so simple, apparently there are certain things that are needed to be added to a septic tank to turn it into a biogas generator. First you can’t have chemicals like detergents going into the biogas generator. Second, you need heat for more efficiency. Third you need airtight tanks. There are 4 stages of reactions that take place in a biogas generator only two of them happen in a septic. But the answer to our question in the title is: Yes, with a few tweaks you can turn a septic into biogas generator. But, taking the efficiency factor, is it worth it? Let us know what your experience is on our Facebook page.

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