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Why Put Your Mail In The Microwave? 10 Microwave Hacks And A Bonus Microwave Only Recipe Guide

Microwave Madness! So, this is a 2 part infoyoushouldknow.net special. The first video explains 10 different hacks for your standard microwave oven. They include a way to help clean the disaster that is your microwave’s interior, and how to remove a stamp on a mislabeled envelope. It’s only a few minutes long and it may...Read More

Fudge Filled Easter Eggs 

Some of us overextend ourselves during the Christmas holiday season in the baking department, and by the time Easter rolls around, we’re more likely to fill up our cart with Rusell Stover peanut butter eggs than consider making our own fudge creations. But this one is SO easy there’s really no reason to get put...Read More