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How to cope with a sexless marriage 


Let’s be honest: a completely sexless marriage means you have some very deep issues going on. They need to be addressed or you’re basically just living with a roommate, whom you probably don’t like very much. I think this article is addressing those couples who have infrequent sex, or are just in a phase where sex isn’t happening. I think most of us married folk have been here. And the number one point to bear in mind to not exacerbate the issue is to NOT take it personally, or assume that your significant other is either having an affair or not attracted to you anymore. Usually, the inability to be physical is a reflection of an emotional dissatisfaction in the marriage, or completely unrelated to the marriage altogether. If you’re a new parent, under a great deal of stress, or extraordinarily busy, sex can seem like the last thing to make time for or even think about.

Regardless of what the reasons, you shouldn’t leave the issue unaddressed. Here are some tactful ways to talk about what’s happening and make a plan for change:

Source: How to cope with a sexless marriage | Life and style | The Guardian

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