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CopyCat “Lemi Shine” Dishwasher Cleaner Recipe


Last week, I must have run a load through my washer 3 times and the dishes still came out smelly. I couldn’t understand it. Then I thought to check the food trap. Sure enough, there was onion caught in it. So basically, every time the washer heated up, it just kept infusing onion smell into the dishes. So gross.

So first things first: Remember to regularly check your food trap! If the rest of your washer has sediment and build-up, then here is a great recipe to try below. It uses baking soda, citric acid, and lemon essential oil. My washer is pretty new, so what I do is, add in a sprinkle of Borax with my regular detergent. It will keep your washer clean always!

CopyCat “Lemi Shine” Dishwasher Cleaner Recipe

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