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How to Crochet Owl Eye Mask 

This little number has inspired me to pick up a crochet needle again! First of all, this couldn’t be more adorable. I want this just because I can walk around wearing owl eyes. But also, I am very photosensitive when it comes to sleep. In the summer months, the second the sun rises around 5;15 am, I start to rouse. By 6, I am awake. If the room I’m sleeping in his blackout shades, this obviously won’t happen. But I opted for more decorative window treatments in our new bedroom so the light filters in. Enter owl eye mask. The directions for this beauty are in the link below. I read over them, and it actually doesn’t sound terribly difficult! If you’re a seasoned crocheter, it will probably be a breeze and make a fantastic last minute holiday gift!

Crochet Owl Eye Mask – Good Stuff Mama

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