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How to Cure Hiccups In Less Than A Minute


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My husband can be a big baby about some things and hiccups is one of them. This evening he was afflicted with these spasms and for the first 15 minutes I was too busy to help. Besides that I have taught him over the years exactly what he needs to do to make them go away and he should remember by now. So I am sharing this with you so you will know too. A hiccup is nothing more than a diaphragmatic spasm, often brought on by drinking something carbonated or maybe too much alcohol. The way to make them go away is to make the diaphragm relax.

A pranayama breath is a diaphragmatic yoga breath. Simply, breath comes in. Pause. Breath goes out. Pause.


Specifically, read these directions first. Then close your eyes and perform the breath until the hiccups are gone. Usually 4 or 5 breaths.

  1. Empty your lungs completely

  2. As you breathe in, visualize the air filling your lungs from the bottom up.

  3. Take a breath in through your nose while simultaneously and slowly pushing your belly out.

  4. As the breath continues to come, expand your rib cage, allowing the air to fill your middle chest.

  5. Move the breath up into your upper chest, all the way up to your collarbone.

  6. Swallow the air down and hold for five seconds.

  7. Slowly reverse the process: Exhale slowly through your mouth. Belly goes down, rib cage squeezes closed, upper chest deflates. Empty your lungs completely.

  8. Once your lungs are completely empty. Hold the breath out and don’t take another breath in for five full seconds.

  9. Start over and complete the steps until the hiccups are gone!

I promise, they will be!

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