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Cute Scarecrow Craft – Perfect Fall Decoration – DIY

Credit: lovemybighappyfamily.com

It’s fall, and the best thing about fall is its decorations. You can start now and add stuff to your decor inside and outside your house until Halloween or even Thanksgiving, that’s when you have to take everything off and start the Christmas theme.

Those cute scarecrows made from bottles are an example of nice decor that you can make now and enjoy having them for the whole fall season. To make these you will need:

– Large bottle with a neck
– Tissue Paper
– Modge Podge
– Acrylic
– Twine
– Small Sheet of Burlap
– Felt
– Rafia
– Silk Flower
– Plaid Wired Ribbon in Fall Colors
– Large Button
– Hot Glue
– Clear Coat Spray


To learn more about how to make them please follow the link below:

Cute Scarecrow Craft – Perfect Fall Decoration – DIY

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