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Debilitating Hyperparathyroidism–Hard to Identify, Easy to Cure

Until today, I’ve never heard of hyperparathyroidism. Take heed: This is NOT related to the thyroid gland. The parathyroid glands are different and are related to calcium levels in the blood. Calcium levels should not be above 10 for anyone. If they are, the body will slowly start to breakdown, especially the bones, as calcium is leeched from the bones. Anyone suffering from this disease WILL develop osteoporosis over time. But also, many other symptoms such as fatigue, grumpiness, headaches, bone pain, etc, will impede upon your quality of life for years, before ultimately causing death in some way. The good news is, if this disease is identified, it takes only minor surgery to correct and reverse it, since it’s usually an adenoma growth that needs to be removed. Please read on for more details below:

 Hyperparathyroidism – familydoctor.org

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