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DIY Maintenance Free Deck For Under $200


I have never owned a porch before, so I wouldn’t be the best person to tell you how much of a pain in the ace it is to maintain one. However, I have the power of Google, and I can tell you, people do not like maintaining porches. It’s one thing to own an $8,000 porch, but maintaining it is a whole other ball game. There is sanding and staining for hours, and you cannot just stop in the middle of that project, you have to finish the day you start staining and sanding your porch. Now if you have a $8,000 porch, you probably don’t want to use this method, but the idea is here for you to ponder. This article was given to the internet by “Renovate Your World,” and the did a wonderful job archiving this DIY for you to keep coming back to.

Please support the official release of this article by sharing directly from the source. While you’re visiting “Renovate Your World,” you should go out of your way and follow their Facebook page. In summary, I don’t think that this method is for me, but it’s a really cool idea to read up on. Thanks for stopping by my page and keep on keeping on.

DIY Maintenance Free Deck For Under $200

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