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Jan 23

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DIY Pallet Accent Wall


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Recycling old pallets is hard work. You have to find one that doesn’t smell like motor oil and then you have to tear apart each individual board from it’s nails, making sure not to break them. It’s work! I get people who complain to me all the time about how “difficult” the DIYs I share are, but people don’t seem to understand that all the awesome projects like this accent wall require hard work. No corner cutting work.

If you guys want to make a pallet wall, just know that the project you are about to get in is going to require extensive planning and know how. The tutorial was shared to the internet by “Ehow,” and they did a wonderful job of archiving the tutorial and explaining how to make the “accent wall” in terms most individuals can understand. As always, make sure to support the official release of this content by sharing directly from the source that I have provided. Please follow any and all social media outlets that you find on “Ehow” so you never miss another post. Thanks for stopping by my website and keep on keeping on.

DIY Pallet Accent Wall

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