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DIY Self-Watering System for Houseplants 

Credit: scissorsandsage.com

Have you ever noticed that you find the exact information you need when it’s already too late? My husband and I went away from our trailer for 10 days last week. I had recently acquired a basil plant, and it had been doing well with my constant attention. It even had about 10 sprouts yet to mature. It was still in its original plastic pot, so my idea for keeping it alive in my absence was to leave it in a sunny window sitting in a bowl of water. Surely, the water would be absorbed through the bottom of the pot as needed, and the basil plant would survive! Right?

Wrong. I came home to a completely withered herb, save for one stalk, that I promptly killed the next day. The soil was drenched. Apparently, my plant didn’t know how to take just the amount of water needed from the bowl. I basically drowned the thing. The above system would have been perfect had I thought of it myself. I have twine, I have a pot, I could have set this up in 2 minutes. Now I know! Here’s the detailed directions for this self-watering system:

DIY Self-Watering System for Houseplants | SCISSORS & SAGE

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