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DIY Shaker Door 

Doors are one of those touches in a home that can often be overlooked as an opportunity to add class and interest. Nothing irritates me more than walking into a home and seeing the brown, hollow-wooded 80’s style doors with brass doorknobs in a home. They look horribly cheap and borderline offensive. I apologize if you have these in your home and they don’t bother you. I mean no offense. But pretend I’m you’re mother politely informing you that you have bad breath: The doors have to go. It doesn’t take much. Spray paint them white and change out the door knob if that’s the most you can afford. I’ve done that.

If you want to take it up a notch in style, follow the tutorial below to make this super cool Shaker door out of your flat, boring door!

DIY Shaker Door – Jennifer Squires Productions

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