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DIY Toilet Paper Holder Shelf



I know that this title can be incredibly confusing, but it holds true. This DIY is literally a shelf and a toilet paper holder all in one. I know that there are a lot of people out there on the Internet who are just as excited about this DIY as me, so you guys have to think our friends at “DIY Show Off” for this incredibly simple do craft. The craft consists of a few materials. The first of materials that are going to need is poplar board. Poplar board is a very soft wood that is used in creating cheap crafts. The next thing that you’re going to need on your list of items is stain. After you have selected the stain color they want, you’re going to need a hook. Once you have all of the materials go to our friends at “DIY Show Off” and then the rest of this tutorial.

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DIY Toilet Paper Holder and Shelf

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