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Jan 24

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DIY Wood Slice Cutting Board


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I came across this DIY and I thought to myself “this is so simple, but it’s genius!” The reason I said that is; the DIY takes only four steps. Now I’m not calling myself lazy, but any DIY that looks this good and only takes four steps is worth doing! This DIY is incredibly affordable. The only cost you have is the price of a wood slice and maybe a sander if you don’t have it.

If you’re looking at  getting this DIY done for yourself, go to Amazon: DIY Wood Slice Cutting board for a wood slice that you can use to craft this. There are other things like butcher block oil that you’re going to need to oil down the wood slice. You don’t have to buy these wood slices from Amazon, but usually other craft stores charge $40 for a single slice of wood. It’s not worth purchasing, unless you’re looking to get this DIY done tomorrow.  For tutorial go to: “Man Made DIY” and please make sure to support the official release of this article.


DIY Wood Slice Cutting Board

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