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Easy, Beginner DIY Liquid Castile Soap Recipe 

I’m so glad I came across this post today because I’ve been really enjoying making my own body care products and this was the one product that I thought couldn’t be made, for some reason. I suppose I thought that castile soap was already a natural occurring substance, like an extract of the coconut (or olive oil) was just transformed somehow. Regardless, it turns out there is a way to make it, products you can order in bulk, and a paste that you create in order to dilute into a soap. The batch described in the recipe below should cost less than $20. I would estimate though, it should probably produce about 4 bottles of store-bought sized soap, which these days cost around $12 each.  So that’s a pretty huge savings!

I had to do some digging through this blog to figure out how much you have to dilute the soap paste once you make it. It’s a one to one ratio to water, done in a crock pot or on the stove. It’s a bit of a process but totally worth it in savings! Check it out:

Easy, Beginner DIY Liquid Castile Soap Recipe – Oh, The Things We’ll Make!

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