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How To Find a Stud in a Wall or Ceiling Without a Stud Finder

We had a bit of a fail yesterday trying to hang a bike hook into the ceiling of our laundry room. The room itself is an addition, and an old one. We have no idea about the framing of the ceiling. My husband started with the crappy hardware store stud finder. He trusted it’s first suggestion and ended up poking several holes in the ceiling. Then we measured the requisite 16″ and 24″ from the walls. Nada. After about 10 holes were drilled, my frustrated hubby got out a hand saw and cut lines. The stud HAD to be in there somewhere! Still nothing.

So in desperation, I consulted the internet for another way and found this. I’m sharing it with you before I try it myself, but we are off to buy a strong magnet. Fast forward to minute 1:55 for the method.


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