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Fish Antibiotics for Humans. What You Need To Know…


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Firstly a disclaimer. I am not a medical professional. I have simply done my own research online to a level which satisfies my own needs. Please do your own research and cross check everything you read here. Also please use antibiotics responsibly and only when absolutely required. Overuse of antibiotics can cause its own problems, due to bugs becoming resistant to them.  See the links at the bottom of the page for more details on this.”

“Stockpiling medication for a future disaster or a collapse of society is straightforward when it comes to non-prescription medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen etc. They are cheap to buy and readily available. However, it is not so simple to acquire and stockpile prescription medications such as common antibiotics which are required to treat infections.

To have a stockpile of antibiotics in a long-term survival situation or a collapse of society would be useful if not vital. Infection will be a big problem in these kinds of situation; for example – take away our power, water/sanitation and groceries; replace with – fires/camp stoves, survival food and untreated water. On top of this, give us knives, axes and guns (which we are largely unaccustomed to using) to chop wood, hunt and defend ourselves and it is easy to see the need to have access to antibiotics. Lot of cuts and stomach bugs…”

One place you can currently obtain these medicines in large enough quantities without prescription is through fish antibiotics. Now, before you make any decisions, do your own research. If you deem it safe for human consumption, then that is 100% your decision. We are simply providing information for you do do with it what you will. Follow the link below for more information


Fish Antibiotics for Humans. What You Need To Know…

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