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Forget Stitches… Super-Glue To Fix Wounds


I have seen a few videos on youtube speaking about this solution to stop bleeding quickly. In a normal situation I would not do this but I am certainly packing one Super-Glue tube in my first aid kit. I liked this video because of the disclaimer at the beginning and the precautions taken before applying the adhesive.

I looked up the ingredient that¬†Super-Glue is made off (Cyanoacrylate) and it’s medically safe. So if you want to buy Super-Glue for this purpose make sure it doesn’t contain other harmful ingredients. I wouldn’t use this solution close to my eyes or internal body parts or open cavities or damp areas. And I would probably shave the surrounding area before I use it.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional and I don’t know if this is a safe way to treat your wounds. I did a little bit of research but do your own as well and don’t take my word for it. If you do this it would be at your own risk.


Forget Stitches… Super-Glue Your Cut (well, maybe) – YouTube


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