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May 30

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The Garden Tower vs The Tower Garden

Ah, the great vertical growing debate. There are many of you who are purists and will look at these contraptions as ridiculous novelties that are taking us farther away from Mother Earth. And some of you will be staring, mouth agape, at the wonder that is vertical gardening and will be kicking yourself for wasting so much time and energy on your failed raised-garden beds. At first glance, these two “gardens” seem to have a lot in common. Their structures and growth direction are about it. The GARDEN TOWER, pictured at top, relies on soil, worm compost, and watering. So, the purists out there might be swayed by it’s space-saving design while retaining gardening integrity. The TOWER GARDEN, pictured below is an AEROponic, soil-less system that relies on a man-made nutrient cocktail to grow it’s veggies at warp speed. Some may find this to be “cheating” and turn their noses up. Both are quite pricey, ranging from $250-$600! However, if you’ve failed as often as I have, you may have spent way more than that in dead plants. Personally, I think I’m more of a purist, and would take my chances on the former. You decide which you prefer:

Garden Tower Project – The Garden Tower Project


The Tower Garden– Aeroponics

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