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Hair Dryer Hacks!


Hair Dryer Hacks

Source: She Uses A Blowdryer On Her Band-Aid. When You See Why… That’s BRILLIANT!

My favorite unintended use for a hair dryer does not appear in this video. But it is one of the best hacks I have ever learned in my life. I have been unlucky enough to get head to toe poison ivy twice in my life, with a few other smaller exposures. I never went to the doctor, I self-treated with every natural remedy that was out there. Truth be told, the first round of the rash that I got probably required a cortisone shot. I was a MESS. Out of work for two weeks. But the one thing that provided the most relief was the hair dryer.

If you get poison ivy or a mosquito bite that is driving you insane, direct the warm/hot air of the hair dryer a few inches from your skin. You hold it there until it is unbearable.  Yes, this sounds barbaric, and perhaps it is a touch. However, IT WORKS! The heat floods the histamine, which is released under such conditions, until no more histamines can be released and your insane itchiness will dissipate. The effect lasts for about two hours. You’re welcome!

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