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Honda CRV as a SHTF bug out vehicle? (1st generation CRV) – Survivehive

Image Credit: survivehive.com

I can vouch for the Honda CRV 1st Gen. I had the car for four years and I regret selling it until this day. I don’t want to get into the details of why I sold it, but in short, I needed a larger car for my family and I had a good trade off deal. The CRV was reliable on sand and snow, it never left me stranded on the side of the road even though I drove it for more than 50k miles with a broken exhaust valve and a bad transmission at the same time. My only advice to anyone who owns or willing to buy one is to regularly flush the engine and use chemicals to take care of the carbon build up in the engine and adjust the valves every once in a while. The guy that had the car before me did a really bad job at this. Read more about why you should consider getting one as a bug out vehicle in the link below:

Honda CRV as a SHTF bug out vehicle? (1st generation CRV) 

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