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Stop killing this house centipede!


I saw a private post circulate today on Facebook about how the person posting repeatedly killed this creature before finding out that she’s….actually kind of awesome.

I’m just as guilty.  I lived in a basement the summer before  my senior year in college and encountered one of these babies,  approximately 6 inches in length.  I kid you not.  I saw it on the ceiling and, horrified,  grabbed a can of Raid and started spraying. The poor fellow put up quite a fight,  running down the entire length of the stairs, down the wall,  and into the bathroom,  where it finally slowed down and I watched its legs start to fall off. I actually did feel really bad,  despite my terror. Since then,  I never hesitate to squash these guys,  disregarding my “kill only if necessary” bug policy in favor of alleviatingthe herbicides jellies.

Now I know better, and will let them live,  and perhaps even name them!  They might be around for 5 years or so!


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