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How to Can Pulled Pork

Canning is a great way to preserve food without the need of a freezer. You can keep canned food on your shelf for years before opening them and eating them. Afterall, how much can you fit in your freezer?

Some people say they tried canning and didn’t like the taste after a while. There are two things you can do to avoid that. First, follow a good and tried recipe, like the one I have provided in the link below. Second, you can date your cans and then rotate them in a first in first out fashion, i.e. open the oldest cans first. Obviously most of you will be like “Duh!” but then again as it says on the pic above this is for beginner canners.

Ok go on now, go to the link below to see how you can can pulled pork with this delicious recipe. No it’s not a typo and yes you can can.


How to Can Pulled Pork

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