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How to get those baked-on grease stains off Pyrex


As someone who uses these glass baking dishes for practically every baking and roasting endeavor, especially chicken, I just came to accept these grease stains as permanent fixtures on my glass handles. I’ve tried to get them out in all the same ways the author attests to also failing with, so I don’t feel too badly about it.  I always enjoy reading the comment sections after articles, especially the “how to’s” like this one. Often readers have different tips or advice, or completely different experiences. It’s bad policy to trust one author who takes decent pictures! Several folks agreed that the Magic Eraser did the trick for them too! Others swear by SOS pads. That’s what I’ve always used, personally, but I don’t really buy them anymore. I will be putting these two grease-busters head to head next time I try to tackle these stains! Read more about how the Tasteful Space’s author got her Pyrex gleaming again, and what her readers also suggest, in the comments:

*Goodbye Grease Stains* – Tasteful Space

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