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How to Prune Your Tomato Plants

Do your tomato plants grow huge and out of control each year? Do they flop over, get taken over by disease or overwhelm parts of your garden? Do you want bigger tomatoes earlier in the season? If you answered yes to any of these questions then pruning your tomatoes should be on your garden task list this season.

Credit: creativevegetablegardener.com


When I first saw this I didn’t take it seriously. I have never pruned my tomatoes before. But after a quick search, this turned out to be good for your tomato plants. It will give a larger fruit, open up spaces for air circulation and light, and it will reduce the foliage around the plant.

However not all tomato plants can be pruned. Determinate plants don’t need pruning but indeterminate plants do. So if you are not sure about your varieties, look them up online.

Here are other tips about pruning from the article:

work with your tomato plants when they’re wet. If a disease is present you’ll spread it around.

Tomato fruits can get sun scald, or sun damage (especially in hot climates). Don’t over prune your plants. It’s okay to leave some greenery to shade the fruit.

Tomato plants are pretty tough and you can’t do much damage. Just try not to cut off the main stem, or growing point (and even if you do, things will be okay).

If you’re not sure pruning is for your or just want to experiment, prune just a few of your tomato plants and compare them to the rest throughout the season.

Enjoy the article now 🙂

Creative Vegetable Gardener:How to Prune Your Tomato Plants 

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