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How to Raise Honeybees: A Beginner’s Guide 

Guide to raising honeybees

Credit: motherearthnews.com

Raising honeybees can be a very appealing idea. They clean their homes, patch their home leaks, find their own food and water and even reward you with sweet honey that is far better than the honey you buy at the market.

Now all of that is fascinating but bees require care. They are sensitive creatures and their global population is endangered. So, if you are not already a beekeeper there is quite a bit of homework that needs to be done before you buy your first “nuc”. Since the best time to start raising honey bees is spring, you’ve got enough time.

After reading this article, I would suggest talking to local beekeepers. Ask about the codes in your area, meaning if there are any regulations you need to follow in regards to the number of hives you can keep for example. Also, you can ask about beekeeping in your climate, some areas need different precautions than others. In colder areas, for example, beekeepers need to feed their bees to keep them alive until the flowers start blooming. You can also find local associations here: http://www.beeculture.com/

How to Raise Honeybees: A Beginner’s Guide 

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